Killer Bees is about killing time with a new approach to interactive storytelling. We're just a casual gathering of veteran developers telling stories through time, space, and liquor. Money is good, but sharing our passion for storytelling and video game development is better.

Ninja Specialist

Only a ninja can defeat a ninja.

A love letter to the 80s ninjasploitation craze, Ninja Specialist is a unique, action-packed beat-them-up brawler utilizing real-life actors. As Joe Kage, the last surviving member of an elite fighting force, you will have to brave the shadows of your own past and rise against the deadly Ninja Empire to obtain the Supreme Ninja Power.

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P9 The GateAway

Reveal the deepest truth of all.

P9: The GateAway is a noir visual novel taking place in a dark world plagued by a mysterious mental disorder. As a Citizen thrust into this shadowy sprawl of intrigue, it is upon you to try and reveal the deepest truth of all—the meaning of existence itself.

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Patent 9 - Goddess of Trust

A pulp noir visual novel.

A tale of introspection, trust, betrayal, hate, and love. All set in a neon-lit, rain-soaked, deco cityscape. The story follows Lang, a bioengineer plagued by strange visions of unknown origin which drive him to construct a series of artificial life forms dubbed "Patents", with the goal of creating the ultimate being that could change his life around—for better or worse.

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